From 1st of July it is allowed to enter Hungary without any restriction (no quarantine, no test) for every person, regardless of his/her nationality, who holds an EU digital COVID-certificate. Restrictions were lifted in case of flight travelers too. Persons vaccinated in Belgium can download the European certificate from the site of It is possible to request the certificate by post at the following telephone numbers:

Flanders: 078/78.78.50

Wallonia: 071/31.34.93

Brussels Capital: 02/214.19.19

German Speaking Community: 0800 23.032.

There is no restriction to enter for persons, who enter Hungary from the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Austria, Romania, the Republic of Serbia, the Slovak Republic or the Republic of Slovenia, except in the case of entry by civil aircraft.

The restrictions are not applicable for those persons, who have a vaccination certificate issued by the Hungarian authorities. The restrictions are not applicable for persons either, who present a vaccination certificate issued by another State, with which Hungary has concluded a bilateral agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates. The list of such States are published in the Decree of the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs.

Application for a Hungarian vaccination certificate on the basis of vaccines received outside of Hungary (for Hungarian citizens and for persons entitled to the same rigths as Hungarian citizens)

Information on the conditions of travelling to Hungary (website of the Hungarian police)