Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH)

Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises offer high quality products and services in several industries offering excellent value for money that are competitive globally as well. The aim of the Hungarian National Trading House is to support enterprises that are capable of exporting in finding adequate business partners on the international markets.

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Hungexpo C. Co. Ltd.

Hungexpo C. Co. Ltd. is Hungary's recognised top exhibition organising company. With 40 years of experience, it has been the leading actor of the domestic market since 1967. The unique pivot of its success is its own permanent exhibition site, the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. Hungexpo C. Co. Ltd. organises high level trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad. Through extended international relations and representation network, it is aiming from both exhibiting and trade aspects to become a determining exhibition organiser in East-Central Europe. Another prominent scope of Hungexpo C. Co. Ltd. is the commercial sale of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center - as an exhibiting and conference site. In 1999 Hungexpo C. Co. Ltd. won the most prestigious quality classification in the service field, the National Quality Award.

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